Team Duport Lubricare B.V. From left to right: Fernande Brand (Marketing), Michael Anslijn (Advisor), Henk-Jan Keuter (Advisor), Bernie Dunnewind (Owner)


In the Netherlands, the name Duport stands for imports of farm machinery brands such as Lindner and Pöttinger, but also for development and construction of high-tech fertilizer technology. Specializing in readily biodegradable hydraulic fluids for over 30 years, subsidiary Duport Lubricare B.V. has expertise that's in high demand.

It's fair to say that environmental awareness in the Netherlands is generally high. The Duport group's customers are people who work with nature and are surrounded by it. The parent company is made up of Duport B.V. (agricultural machinery and fertilizer technology), Güstrower (chaser bins and fertilizer technology), and Duport Lubricare B.V. (lubricants). DUPORT LUBRICARE B.V. Lubricant applications have been part of Duport's business since the founding years. Since 1990 Duport Lubricare B.V. has been a highly regarded supplier of bio hydraulic fluids for various industries (farming, trade, manufacturing, and marine). "Along with knowledge and skill, there is one thing that matters above all when it comes to biodegradable hydraulic oils: trust," explains Bernie Dunnewind. "Trust is built through solution-oriented collaboration and high-quality MOTOREX products." Dunnewind's company is the official importer and distributor of ECOSYNT hydraulic fluids for the Netherlands.


The decision to fill a hydraulic system with a readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid is always a sign of longterm thinking. By now many customers are aware that what matters is not the price of the hydraulic oil, but the total cost of ownership (TCO). The benefits pay off, including reduced risk in the event of a leak, enhanced reliability, steady high performance, and a significantly longer service life through filtration rather than replacement of the oil.

A readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid is a must when working in or near the water. Te landscaping firm Stoop in Waarland is loyal and successful user of ECOSYNT HEES. 

''Trust in the area of biodegradable hydraulic oils is built through solution-oriented collaboration and high-quality MOTOREX products''
Bernie Dunnewind, Owner


Duport Lubricare offers comprehensive service using proven ECOSYNT hydraulic fluids, with support for every step of a project, from consulting to filling the system to maintenance tasks such as fine filtration. As a MOTOREX partner, Duport Lubricare can also count on expert advice from MOTOREX Technical Customer Service and have customer samples quickly analyzed. And for those who want to know their exact CO2 footprint, Duport has a special calculator to measure it.

Photo 1: Lock systems have a long tradition in the Netherlands and play an important safety role. Duport Lubricare has over 30 years of experience with "green" hydraulic oils in this area. Photo 2: Quiet and zero-emission: an electric garbage truck in the town of Almere, the Netherlands. Readily biodegradable ECOSYNT HEES 46 is a perfect fit for this application.

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